Reviews for ‘Misconception’

Atmospheric and touching. Did you enjoy Saving Private Ryan, but never want to watch the first bit again? Did you enjoy Band of Brothers, but mainly for the character interaction, camaraderie and story progression? Then it’s a good bet you will enjoy this book. A touching story interlaced with a side of the war that you probably didn’t know anything about. Sensitively written and with a real sense of place. Treat yourself.” 

“So many unanswered questions from the beginning you have to continue. Started reading, but had to put it down as today I worked from home so needed to step away. The first chapter had me riveted. As an English teacher I would use this in my lessons for descriptive writing and use of language. I can’t wait to read it all. Congratulations, so creative.”
Kerry H.

I’m only 3 chapters in and already I’m hooked! I love the way you describe the details that really take me back in time to the Second World War years. I’m looking forward to seeing the story unfold and meet all the characters along the way. A cracker so far Frank.”
Maxine K.

Fantastic read, a real page turner will definitely be looking out for more of your work, well done sir.”
Cara P.

Nearly half way through the book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it; very atmospheric and makes me think of the B&W films from Ealing Studios from years gone by. Easy to read, an intriguing plot line and interesting characters make this a great book. I’m looking forward to reading many more of Frank’s books in the future!
M Hawley.

“Hi Frank. I want to congratulate you on your book. I have just finished reading it and I couldn’t put it down.  Your story showed a deep understanding of human nature.  It’s twists and turns kept me wanting  to turn the next page. I can’t wait for your next novel!!!  No pressure!!! I shall be promoting it to everyone.
Margaret M.

Great characters and setting with intriguing plot twists. This book really captures the atmosphere of life for ordinary people in the Black Country in the days of WW2. Highly recommended.”
Tony C.

Great characters, great descriptions and a great read fantastic first book, had me hooked from page one with all the intriguing little plot twists. Loved the details ( it was obvious that the author had put in lots of research) the description, the bits of humour running through some very serious moments and most of all the characters – really bringing the people of the 1940s Black Country, and some from further afield to life.
Amazon Customer

A super book set during the second world war. Atmospheric and evocative of the time the dialogue is laced with subtle humour which made me chuckle for all of the right reasons. As an arch procrastinator, the gripping nature of the plot was brilliant. I read on for ages avoiding doing all the things I should have been doing! Happy to recommend.
T Sunter.

I really enjoyed this book. A very pacey second half.I especially liked the Australian soldiers.
MM Amazon