All about Frank

Hello and thanks for visiting FrankPages, the home of the works of Frank Chamberlain. I have lived in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands since 1999 and worked as everything from a flower seller and market manager to I.T. support manager and college tutor. After spending my teens in Walsall, I moved to South Wales to study Interactive Fine Art and finally returned to my roots in the Black Country after a stint temping for several years in Loughborough.

I am proud to live in an old house surrounded by local history which after several hundred years is still alive and kicking today. My inspiration comes from everything around me, which in Brierley Hill includes great characters, hidden underground spaces and the remnants of a huge steel works and local industry.

I have completed one novel (Misconception) so far, set in 1941. I am already working on a prequel set in 1919 and a sequel set in 1952. The plan being that there would eventually be a linked series of books starting in 1919 and continuing through every eleven years, with one set in 1930, 1941, 1952 etc. These will all feature a set of characters that link up in some way, either by being younger or older in the corresponding novels or by featuring their parents, relatives and offspring.

I am also working on a theological fantasy novel set in the present day, where Freddie (a dreamer) has to try and save the real world and its accompanying dream world from an apocalyptic event brought about by the battle between good and evil/light and dark.