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‘Misconception’ Sample

Two streets away from the station and shoulder-to-shoulder, Elijah and Finn surveyed the builders yard ahead of them. They had already strolled around and checked out the entire perimeter. There were no houses on this side of it and the Gas Works filled the skyline behind. The yard’s head high panelled fence meant no one could see in from street level and the numerous stacks of festering construction materials would give them more cover once inside.

Old “Dunc the drunk” owned the yard. He had previously been a committed parent since Mrs Greene had died on the night their son Ian was born. The boy had grown up happily, becoming big and strong around the yard then joined the army during peacetime at the tender age of sixteen. A year ago he had been lost in action somewhere near Cappelle-la-Grande on his way back to Dunkirk.

It had damaged Duncan; he had broken down one morning and never crawled back up. The yard was always closed now. Instead of working, the owner chose to spend most days in the office with his new friend, her name was Gin and she lived in a bottle.

From most vantage points the decrepit yard did indeed offer many a hiding place. In one of these voids a hot and grumpy dog lay outstretched avoiding the strong sun. Etched into its collar there was one word, “ADOLF”. The name was embellished with a swastika, but inscribed the wrong way around so that it actually depicted the Buddhist symbol of auspiciousness.